Why Short Term Rental

Investing in short-term rentals presents a unique opportunity, offering the potential for higher returns compared to traditional long-term leasing. The appeal lies in their flexibility and the possibility of capitalizing on peak tourism periods, thereby maximizing income. However, success in this market requires a keen understanding of local demand, strategic pricing, and exceptional guest experiences.

Three compelling reasons to invest in short-term rentals include:

Cash Flow

Depending on your financing and bookings, your short-term rental can generate positive cash flow and offer a steady income stream.


Benefit from your property’s appreciation over time, effectively having your guests contribute to your investment’s growth.

Personal Usage

You can enjoy the flexibility of using your property for personal entertainment or hosting friends and family, adding a valuable personal benefit to your investment strategy.
Next Move Portfolio steps in as an indispensable resource for investors, simplifying the complexities of the short-term rental market. Our platform provides access to carefully analyzed properties in promising locations and comprehensive management solutions covering everything from marketing to maintenance. This ensures our clients can enjoy the benefits of investment with minimal personal involvement. Through our networks we enhance this opportunity by providing investors with a comprehensive solution that spans all North America, allowing them to expand their investment horizons into new markets with ease confidently.
Our process is designed to match investors with the right properties by offering insights into potential returns and guiding them through every step of the investment journey. By leveraging Next Move Portfolio, investors can confidently navigate the short-term rental landscape, making informed decisions that align with their financial goals.
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