Property Assessments

Our partners at Stay Today ensure that all our portfolio properties receive comprehensive and detailed reports, empowering you with a clear understanding of your investment’s performance across multiple metrics.

AirDNA Property Projection

This report is generated by sophisticated price monitoring software, complemented by our proprietary techniques, to safeguard and enhance the property’s market performance.

Comparative Analysis

We offer detailed comparisons with similar properties currently available in the market, providing context and benchmarks for your investment.

Gross ROI

This section delivers a thorough Gross ROI calculation, based on data from both Comparative Analysis and Market Condition Reports.

The report also includes

Property Earning Potential

Detailed projections of revenue based on various occupancy percentages, offering a realistic outlook on potential earnings.

Short-Term Rental Listing Overview

A comprehensive review of the property’s performance across various short-term rental platforms.

Gross ROI Report

An in-depth analysis of your financial returns, helping you understand the profitability and performance of your investment.
By leveraging these insights, you can make informed decisions and optimize your investment strategy, ensuring you maximize returns and maintain a competitive edge in the market.
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