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Next Move, renowned for its visionary approach in the real estate sector, is revolutionizing the industry with the integration of Next Move Portfolio, a platform focused on short-term rental investments. This new facet complements its expansive suite of services, catering to investors by offering meticulously analyzed properties across North America and beyond. This addition underscores Next Move’s commitment to innovation, providing a seamless investment experience with turnkey property management solutions. Next Move Portfolio exemplifies their dedication to elevating industry standards and enhancing clients’ real estate investment landscape worldwide.
executive team
Jordan Stuart
Chief Executive Officer
Jason Ross

President / Partner

The Next Move Portfolio support team plays a pivotal role in streamlining the platform’s operations and business development strategies. Specializing in areas like listing management, analysis creation, and lender relations, this team profoundly understands the Next Move business framework. Collaborating closely with both the leadership and Next Move X agents, the support team is instrumental in paving the path to success, ensuring the delivery of exceptional services to our clients across the board.

support team

Brooke Ballan

Director of Operations

Pearl Acord

Director of Communications

Kyle Baker

director of next move military

justin bruce

director of next move network

Dr. Brittney Ezell

Director of The Private Housing Network

mckenzie rearrick

director of marketing

jessica olevo

executive administration

jose celestino

executive assistant

Stephanie Arjune

website developer and management

dave stewart

information technology

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