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Short term rental properties –  “acquisition to autopilot”
Next Move Portfolio offers a straightforward solution. Our extensive network of trusted real estate agents have meticulously identified short-term rental properties across North America. With detailed ROI analysis conducted on each property and rental market, we ensure you can visualize your potential returns clearly. Moreover, we’ve streamlined the entire management process, allowing you to purchase an investment property anywhere and manage its lifecycle seamlessly. We eliminate the guesswork from finding, purchasing, and managing short-term rental property investments.

Our Network specializes in

  • Short Term Rentals Purchases
  • Property ROI Analysis
  • Complete Property Management
  • Client Services
  • Financing Options
  • Education

"Acquisition to Autopilot"

Are you looking to enhance your investment portfolio? At Next Move Portfolio, we offer a sophisticated platform designed to streamline the decision-making process for both novice and seasoned property investors.

We meticulously select and analyze properties across North America, and with continual expansion into new rental markets, we remove the complexity of property searching. Our comprehensive property management service ensures seamless investment experiences, managing everything from marketing to financial oversight. This approach empowers our clients to invest with confidence, focusing on generating returns with minimal personal involvement.

Discover how our services can transform your investment strategy into a hassle-free, profitable venture. Contact Us Today.


Next Move has done
the work for you

We provide international coverage through our expansive Next Move networks, having identified multiple properties ready for investment. No matter where you’re looking to invest, one of our hyper-local experts in the respective market is on hand to guide you through the purchase process, ensuring a seamless and informed transaction.


Fast track your investment
with our partners

Whether you’re planning to purchase outright or exploring finance options, Next Move provides comprehensive support. We have established national partnerships with multiple lenders to find the right financing solution tailored to your needs. Our experienced agents are adept at navigating clients through the intricacies of the financial process, ensuring clarity and confidence at every step.


Put your investment
on autopilot

Whether you’re investing close to home or across the globe, our property management solution ensures a worry-free, hands-off experience. We manage everything from marketing your property and daily maintenance to financial oversight, allowing you to set your new investment on autopilot. Trust our management services to make your property investment journey seamless and efficient.



Do you have a specific location in mind for your next investment property? Explore our curated list of cities where we've identified promising opportunities, with new markets added to our portfolio every week. Our aim is to connect you with the ideal location that meets your investment criteria, ensuring your venture into property investment starts on the right foot.


Tailor your property search to match your budget. By filtering options based on your financial comfort zone, you can efficiently pinpoint properties that align with your investment goals. Our staff will present options to ensure you can seamlessly navigate potential investments within your desired budget range, making searching for the perfect property a straightforward process.


If you're prioritizing high returns without specific budget or location constraints, our approach focuses on maximizing your potential. Utilizing detailed ROI analysis, we filter, and present properties poised for top-income production, offering the best options available across various markets. This method ensures you're introduced to investments tailored to deliver exceptional financial performance.


If you have your heart set on a specific city not currently covered in our listings, don't worry. We're equipped to source 3 to 5 potential properties in your chosen city within 7-10 days. While this tailored search may extend beyond the immediacy of our existing portfolio, it's a bespoke service designed to meet your unique needs. Please note we'll also inform you if your selected city has restrictions on short-term rentals, ensuring your investment decisions are well-informed.

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